A 1940 Census Update

Ancestry sent out another e-mail today letting us Aces know that all 3.8 million census images should be online tomorrow by 2 pm EST. Exciting stuff! They’ve also promised a “handful of tools” that’ll help us find answers in the images, but no specifics on what that means exactly. I know all I really want at this point is everything to be indexed, but realistically that isn’t going to be happening within the next 24 hours. The e-mail does say that’s their next step, though, and that they’ve been working on it since Monday. (MyHeritage has indexed some records already and I’ve read about FamilySearch volunteers doing indexing as well.)

As for my search, well, it’s going so-so. I really want to find my Nana listed in the census so I can share it with her this weekend (Easter), but that’s proving to be a lot more difficult than anticipated. I shouldn’t be surprised, really. Nothing is ever easy when you’re looking for a bunch of John and Mary Lynches living in NYC.

I did, however, manage to locate my Pop Pop, Charles Wills, who I’ve written quite a bit about in this blog already.

There they are!

The biggest change is that my great-grandfather, (also) Charles Wills, has died. He died in 1937 rather suddenly and I know from what my mom has told me that it was very traumatic for my Pop Pop. He was only 15 at the time. Pop Pop was born with the middle name Edward, but at some point he changed it to Ambrose in honor of his father.

(My grandma, his wife, also lost her father unexpectedly as a teenager. He had a heart attack, or something like that, and she was the one who found him. What a terrible thing to experience. I wonder if it brought them closer together?)

The location of their house in 1940 - 604 Prospect Ave.

The thing I find neat about the 1940 census is there’s a mark next to the person giving the information. In this case it’s my mom’s Uncle George. There’s a lot of interesting questions, especially about jobs. Guess it makes sense, what with the Depression and all. Pop Pop was unemployed, but there doesn’t seem to be a definitive answer as to why despite all the extra questions. At some point I’ll have time to sit down and really analyze it, but for now I’m just excited to have found them.

In the meantime, my search for John and Mary Lynch continues…

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