DNA Revisited

Long time, no post.

You might recall a little over a year ago that I got my DNA mapped by Ancestry. It was cool and exciting and I was probably one of the only people who didn’t cry outrage at the mysterious Scandinavian DNA that peeked it’s way into their results (vikings!). I was 93% British Isles, a number I have proudly shared with anyone who indicated a passing interest in genealogy or, you know, an interest in families in general. If you have a family, I have probably told you about this. I have told everyone.

There have been a few updates to AncestryDNA since last year. Most notably, they’ve done a lot of mapping of native populations’ genes to help us poor, immigrant souls learn more specifically what “93% British Isles, 7% Uncertain” might mean.


It ends up that this is what it means for me!

The Ireland and Great Britain parts are unsurprising. Most of my ancestors come from that part of the world. Same with European Jewish, since I’ve already established that line of my tree (although it was very exciting to see it validated by actual science). Native American was surprising, but once I realized that encompasses ALL of the Americas, I assumed that the 1% is my Cuban ancestors. My thought on the “trace regions” is that Iberian Peninsula comes from the Cubans, Europe West is probably the Germans and Scandinavia is… vikings? Guess I’ll have to go angrily complain on the Ancestry facebook page like everyone else now. Dammit.

For anyone who hasn’t had their ethnicity analyzed, I would highly, highly recommend it. Especially if you’re like me and find this sort of thing fun (and I have to think you’re like me, reading this blog and all).

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