52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: Julius Tobias

The ancestor I spend the most time thinking about by far is Julius Tobias, my great great great grandfather. I admit I’m biased; as a Civil War buff, I have a tendency to focus on my Civil War ancestors. Julius was a 2nd Lieutenant from Connecticut until pains from a supposed old war wound sidelined him (son Herman would take over the good fight for his dear old dad eventually, but that’s a story I haven’t quite fleshed out yet).

I’ve been lucky so far in my research in that I’ve managed to find at least one distant relative for each branch of my tree who can help pick up my slack when my free time for genealogy slows. The Tobias line is no different. Recently, a distant cousin shared this picture she discovered with me:


B’Nai Brith – Horeb Lodge presidents from 1856 – 1885

It ends up that Julius was President of the New Haven Horeb Lodge branch of B’Nai Brith in 1864. Not all of the presidents from 1856 – 1885 are pictured, unfortunately (with two presidents per year, the numbers just don’t add up), but it stands to reason that Julius could be one of the men pictured. With no names, though, and this being the highest resolution available, there isn’t really a way to tell.

I guess the positive takeaway from this is that brick walls can seem impassable, but you’re never truly out of options. Julius might be one of the men pictured, or he might not, but the important thing is that we were able to locate this unknown resource from a place we never thought about looking. Who’s to say there aren’t others?

The search continues…

This post is part of the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks challenge.

This post is part of the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks challenge over at No Story Too Small.

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